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Pricing Policy

Maddoc Technologies is a Service Provider Agency that provides various services in Software Development, Web/Website Design, Mobile App Development, Social Media Marketing etc.. Most of our Clients are Govt./Semi-Govt./Private organizations, who looks for various services with varying demands. So, most of our pricings are variable and based on Demand Based Pricing Policy.


Agencies adopting demand-based pricing policies are, like value prices, not fully concerned with costs. Instead, they concentrate on the behavior and characteristics of customers and the quality and characteristics of their products or services. Demand-oriented pricing focuses on the level of demand for a product or service, not on the cost of materials, labor, and so forth.

According to this pricing policy, we try to determine the amount of products or services that can be sold at different prices. We need demand schedules in order to determine prices based on demand. Using demand schedules, we can figure out which production and sales levels would be the most profitable. To determine the most profitable production and sales levels, we examine production and marketing cost estimates at different sales levels. The prices are determined by considering the cost estimates at different sales levels and expected revenues from sales volumes associated with projected prices.

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